Catholic priest sentenced for life for raping a minor

Catholic priest sentenced for life for raping a minor

Fr Edwin Figarez, a 41 years old Catholic priest in Kerala has been sentenced for two life term imprisonment for raping a minor girl who also belonged to the same community.

The priest has been punished under POSCO that is Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.


With the imprisonment the priest also has been charged with a fine of 2.15 lakh.

The brother of this priest was also sentenced to jail for helping the priest for hiding just when the case was registered.

Also a government doctor was also found guilty for her failure to report the sexual abuse when she had examined the victim.

The priest was very popular especially because of his musical composition of Christian devotional songs and he lured the victim because she also had interest in music.

The girl told everything to her mother who then moved to the police.

When the police registered the case in April this priest had ran away and hid himself later he surrendered in the court while the church dispelled him from his duties.

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