Modi government cancelled the licence of 20,000 NGOs

Modi government cancelled the licence of 20,000 NGOs — In a strict move the Modi government has recently cancelled the licences of about 20,000 NGOs.

As per the sources the government called for a meeting of FCRA and took.

This decision in this meeting. The meeting was headed by Rajnath Singh.


Hence according to the government only 13,000 NGOs are legal within India after this decision. It seems that the home ministry wants more transparency with this kind of a step.

Now about 50 percent NGOs have got their licences cancelled by the government. All these cancelled NGOs were linked with suspicious activities by the government.

Now about 3000 organisations have requested for the renewal of their licences as well.

Moreover there are about 2000 organisations which have qued for the foreign funding licences and the home ministry is also working with them.

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