Earn millions by Tulsi Medicinal Farming

Earn millions by Tulsi Medicinal Farming

Who does not wish to earn more with investing less. Hence Tulsi Medicinal Farming is a new way to invest less.


You do not need to own a farm for that, let us see how to do this business-


-The plants like Tulsi, Mulethi, Aloevera grow up very fast.

-These plants can also be planted in small pots in the house.

-There are some pharmacy companies that contract with the people who can grow these herbs.

For growing Tulsi in an area of one hectare you only need to spend fifteen thousand rupees, when the plants grow up, they are sold for 3 lakh rupees.

The herbal medicine companies like Patnjli, Dabur, Vaidyanath etc that are doing Contract Farming and buying the products for their medicines.

Similarly the medicine for Malaria also needs a herb named Artimisia Annua. This plant can.also be grown in a domestic farm. It is also to be noted that its leaves are sold even at a price of 26000 rupees per kilograms.

This plant gets grown up within three months. A pharmaceutical company based in Bhopal is doing contract farming for this herb.

Similarly Aloevera plant is also used in.many herbal medicines. This plant gets grown-up within 4-5 months. It can be planted in pots. The companies like Patnjli, Vaidyanath are doing the contract farming of this as well.

But the most important thing before investing in this business is, the Training.

Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant provides a sound training for the farming of these plants. With this institute only these pharmacy companies sign a contract as well.

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