Modi must levy taxes on rich farmers

Just as you may be rich and living in great apartments and driving flashy Cars but you will still be preferred when it comes to government jobs only because you may belong to a backward caste.


Similarly you maybe rich and own 100 acres, you will not pay any taxes because you are a farmer.

The reason behind it is that the laws of the land, are framed to help the poor farmers, an average poor farmer of owns merely 2 acres of land.


The thing that makes the situation worse is that there are people who buy agricultural land so that they don’t have to pay any taxes- by simply declaring that their incomes are coming from the “farming activities”.

In March 2011 29 trillion dollars were declared to be -The agricultural income of the Year- which is 15 times the value of Indian economy.

This information came into light with a Right to Information request by an ex tax officer Vijay Sharma.

Surprisingly even the rich farmers buy the fertilizers at a subsidised rate, and this subsidy costs the government around 10 billion dollars a year.

With rich people evading taxes, simply results in the loss of revenue for the government and that is why the government has to borrow money. The government should simply start taxing the rich farmers to avoid this situation of indebtedness.

It is to be noted that taxing rich farmers is politically dangerous because, many Indian leaders come from a farming background farming incomes as well as farms.

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