A Malyali Christian school teaching against Hinduism

A Malyali Christian school teaching against Hinduism

A Christian school of Kerala in Peravur has became a centre of controversy because of its teaching content.A Malyali Christian school teaching against Hinduism

When a comic was distributed to the nursery class students in which there was a story that a poor man was begging from temple to temple but none gave him alms but only jesus helped him.

This book has been published in Malyalam and according to the story the man’s fields became very fertile after he went to the church and hence he left going to the temple again.


This story has been highly criticised by the Hindu parents and they have expressed their opposition to it to the sister Nancy of the school who has also expressed her apology.

The parents believe that these kinds of anti Hindu thoughts are put in the minds of the children while they are little so that this becomes their way of thinking.

According to the parents Hindu religion has been criticised every now and then many times.

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