Drug Mafia behind the Nabha Jailbreak

Drug Mafia behind the Nabha Jailbreak

The enquiry behind the Nabha Jailbreak is going on and the eloped Khalistani terrorist Minto has also been captured.


According to the sources the mastermind behind this was Prema who had befriended Mintu in the jail only.


He had arranged for their elopement from the jail with his three friends.

4 cars were used in this elopement all things were arranged by Prema and his brother.

Parminder who has been arrested from Shyamli has told the police about this. Parminder was in the jail with his three men since 2013 for the charges of murder.

He had befriended Prema in the jail who was there in.another case.

In 2014 Prema helped for his elopement after which Prema vowed to help Mintu, the chief of Khalistan liberation front.

One fortuner, one Honda city, one verna and one I 20 was used. They came in.these 4 cars and sat in the warrant room.

The disguised men as police cops were sitting in.the Honda city and took 6 people away from the jail.

All 4 cars ran away towards Haryana and on the way broke the Kaithal Police Barrier and reached Panipat.

From Panipat everyone ran away getting small weapons with 20,000 cash.

Although Parminder does not know where others have ran away but he himself wished to elop in.Dehradun.

Where he lived a life of luxury. 12 policemen are examining his place of hiding in Dehradun.

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