About the Price hike of the cricket balls

The prices of the cricket balls have increased by around a hundred percent recently. Since there has been a great shortage of the supply of the illegal leather.


While the main reason for this is the heat mounting on that illegal cattle transporters in north india, which is resulted in the shortage of the supply of the illegal leather, so its impact is not only seen on the dining tables.

The ball that was being sold for 400 rupees a year ago, its price has risen to 800 rupees by now. The real reason behind it is that the manufacturers of the cricket balls have to import leather from the United Kingdom which makes the leather very expensive because it now includes the cost of import duty.


At the end of the day who is suffering? obviously the customer.

Although the leather of a buffalo skin can also be used for making these balls but there’s still the of the cow skin which is the best choice.

As is well known the slaughter of the cows and oxen is banned in the state of Uttar Pradesh the offender is can be sent to Jailed and fined around 10000 rupees.

Similarly in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan- the offender can be sent to 10 years imprisonment for cow slaughtering but there is no ban in Kerala, West Bengal, Arunachalpradesh, Mizoram, megahalaya, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim hence the prices of the cowskin sheets which was around 600 but now have become 2500 because of the legal and illegal cow skin procured from the states in which the cow slaughter is not banned.

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