Germany Sex attacks still horrifying the minds

Germany Sex attacks still horrifying the minds —  On 31st December 2015 while the world was waiting for the new year, the sex attacks in Germany terrified the whole world.

These attacks have made things tougher for the Muslim refugees as well.

The Germans who were untill now welcoming the refugees started hating them all of a sudden. Not only Germans but the whole world was in huge shock.


On that night there were about 1200 complaints of the incidents occurring on the Streets of Germany out of which 500 were of sexual assaults shocking the whole Germany making Germans hate the refugees altogether.

In 2016 only 3 lakhs refugees have came which were 9 lakhs in 2015.

These attacks had brought into limelight Angela Marker as well who was all for the refugees but made her unpopular after these incidents.

Although she is again going to contest the current elections but there is very little possibly that she will win.

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