They forced us to give away our daughter

They forced us to give away our daughter

In Usilampatti, Trichy Mose Ministries children home has been claiming to have saved the children from female infanticide but many parents are now raising fingers over them as they have accused of persuading them to give away their girls to them so that the girls could have a better future.


Mr K Maheswaran and his wife M Eswari from Buskaranpatti near Usilampatti had given their fourth daughter born in 1999 to the home. The couple has accused that the home used to persuade people like them to give away their female children for their better future.

In a telephonic interview to TIO, M Eswari said-

“When she was born in 1999, we were in a severe financial crisis and unable to run the family. Someone from the home approached my father and volunteered to take care of the baby. Considering our pathetic situation, we handed over the baby on condition that they should allow us to meet their child once in three months. To our shock, the home was shifted to somewhere else within a few days,”

Later they also had another baby daughter and they have always regretted their decision for giving away their child to the home.

Similar is the case of the couple Paraman, and Gandhiammal, from Usilampatti, according to Gandhiammal-

” We had three girls and one boy. My husband was differently-abled. So, I decided to give one daughter to the home hoping that she will have a good life,”.

Paadam A Narayanan of ChangeIndia has filed a case against the home in the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. He has alleged that pastor Gideon Jacob, the founder of the home, procured children from Usilampatti to gain funds from foreign countries in the name of taking care of the children saved from female infanticide.

Gideon had also taken a few girls to Germany and Poland after obtaining their passports with the consent of two former DSWOs in Trichy against the law.

The court had also ordered an inquiry against the two officers to find out how they had given consent to the home to obtain passport though they did not even have a valid birth certificate.

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