Boko Haram is training children how to rape

Boko Haram is training children how to rape — The terrorist organisation Boko Haram is now training children how to rape.

A child victim of Nigeria who recently escaped has revealed this. This child was fighting for the Jihadis.

He has revealed that the children are taught how a captive should be sexually abused.

According to an English website Dailymail, this child has revealed that he was trained for 2 days how should he rape the captives.

For this training many women and girls were used. They were told how to control a woman and how not to be controlled by them.

It is an important news in.the sense that recently many children had to run.away from Boko Haram camps.

According to the sources since 2014 many girls have been captivated by them which are used by them as a shield.

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